Local Marketing: Does The 5 Mile Rule Apply To Your Business?

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Many geographically-based businesses get the majority of their clients from within 5 miles of their location.  While we know this is typically true for businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, and other convenience-based companies, many other types of businesses also fall within this rule and don’t realize it.

When I do target market studies with companies it is quite often an eye-opener when they do a geographic sort of their past customers to see how many – often 80% or more, that come from within 5 miles of their location.  I’m talking about insurance companies, remodelers, mortgage brokers, and many other categories.

The fact is, buyers really like doing business with local companies.  Even when I had to get my garage door fixed I saw ads for companies that served our entire metro area, but I wanted to work with someone close – even though all of them offered to come to my location from as far as 45 miles away.

Enter Google.  Now in the Google Search era location is becoming even more important.  Not only the location of the business, but also the location of the searcher.  When I type in “garage door repair” into Google I will get DIFFERENT results than someone on the North side of town who types in the same thing.  Part of Google’s algorithm factor’s in the location of the browser.  And now in the mobile computing world my results searching will be different than from my desktop because Google knows where I am at any time on my smartphone because of GPS technology.

What’s a marketer to do?  If the 5 mile rule applies to you, you need both a local and a mobile strategy.

Google has made this a little easier because they offer their Google Places listings free to businesses. The sad part about this is that of the over 49 Million places listings Google has made available, only 7% have claimed their free listing.  Combine this with the fact that Google has reported that over 60% of their users search using their mobile devices.

You have three options to deal with this.  (1) Learn how to create you own local and mobile strategy.  (2) Hire someone to do it for you. (3) or learn how to do it for yourself and then charge other businesses for doing it for them.  This option is actually an emerging business opportunity that many are engaging to supplement their income (something we can all use in times like these).

My friends Ryan Deiss and Laura Betterly are teaching a course called Local/Mobile Fusion which shows you how to do all this for yourself and even teach you how to make extra money doing it for other businesses. 

This is a great course that I have personally taken myself and have applied the principles for clients.  I know it works first-hand.

If you would like to find out more about the course check it out here:  http://MarketingPlanGuide.com/google-mobile





Local Marketing video on Youtube 


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