Back To School Basics Checklist For Businesses

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Every year we go through the same routine at our household. Do we have everything we need to have the kids ready for school?  We want them to be fully equipped to be successful in school.

It parallels our business life as well – we want to be equipped for success.

So lets take a look at the back-to-school checklist:

Paper and pens.  These are the basic tools.  You can’t really take notes with out them.  We also classify these as school supplies.  Fall
is the time we always stock up on them because the worst thing that can happen is to be running around the classroom (or in our case – our home since we home school) and digging around to find something to write with.  It’s a big time waster.

What are the essential tools you need to have on hand to be successful in business? Letterhead, envelopes, etc.  Make sure you are stocked up.

Backpack.  You need something to carry around your stuff in. In business – this involves basic organizational equipment like file cabinets and drawers.  Perhaps you need to take a few minutes and purge the files and get ready for the increased activity that fall brings.

Class schedule.  In business this is your calendar of activities. When do you plan to start that new marketing effort?  Have you reviewed your goals lately?  What are your top 3 priorities?

I know this is a simplistic action plan – but without these pieces in place you won’t be ready for fall classes – which brings up our fall
class schedule which we will be launching soon.

We are going to do things a little differently moving forward.  You will now have two options for taking classes from  You can take the offerings individually, or if you prefer you can save money and become part of our monthly members community and get the classes for free.  Watch for details on this coming soon.

What are your Back to School strategies?  Share them in a comment below.

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