How To Blog Without Writing A Blog Post

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I was intrigued when a friend of mine asked me about my thoughts on blogging, especially as it relates to authority sites – that is, sites that have high credibility and Google search ranking.  The truth is without high Google ranking you are not going to get much traffic. Ryan Deiss recently released a free report on a blogging concept that basically mirrors the way Oprah has built her empire, and how other media companies are doing the same.  Of course there is some advance training he is offering as well, but I encourage you to take...

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What Is More Important – Authority Or Recommendation?

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Let’s face it – with the internet providing as much background information as you can possibly consume and most people spending hours of time researching you before they even talk to you, there is a new world order when it comes to your reputation online.  From my vantage point it seems that there are two distinct camps that marketers are focusing on when it comes to their “story” online. They are authority and recommendation.  If you follow Google closely and their ever changing algorithm that drives their search...

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Marketing Questions You Should Always Ask

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I love riddles and the game “20 Questions” because they use the power of asking questions to solve a problem.  I was thinking about how much marketing your business or organization is similar to games like those. I wondered, as a consultant, could you solve a marketing problem or create a marketing plan based solely on asking questions? The question is, “What questions would you ask?”  Of course, you would ask things like “How are you unique?” and “who is your target audience?” But what other...

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College Graduate Job Market >>> Is Your Student Ready For The Real Work World?

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The college graduate job market is bleak.  Watch the video below for information on a webinar coming up this Thursday where we discuss what is going on the current job market for teens and college...

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Cheese And Whiskers Marketing

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Have you heard about the Cheese and Whiskers marketing approach? I first heard about it in a training called Instant Local Traffic which was just released by my Friends Laura Betterly and Ryan Deiss. The Cheese and Whiskers marketing method was actually coined by a marketer named Dean Jackson. It is quite simple, but also very powerful. In a nutshell here is how it works. Your marketing (YOU) is either cheese or whiskers. Your customer is a mouse. He is either attracted to you and your marketing (if it is cheese-oriented) or he runs away from...

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How I Got A Top Google Search Listing In A Few Days Using The Power Of YouTube

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By now you may know that, in addition to, I also run several other businesses – so I practice what I preach.  Watch the video below to see how I was able to get top Google organic search listings for a specific product (keyword) in just few days.   This is huge because getting the top organic spot gets you the most clicks (traffic) to your site.  Thanks to Ryan and his crew for the “secret weapon” that he revealed in his $7 Report. PRESS PLAY TO WATCH HOW I DID IT:  ...

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Steve Jobs – The Iconic Marketer

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Can You Copy The Iconic Marketing of Steve Jobs? Most will agree that Steve Jobs was one of the best marketers ever.  He took electronic products that are often made into commodities after their introduction and commanded premium prices for them.  He introduced innovation after innovation.   He had a large percentage of his customer base believing that his products were superior because of their ease of operation, or simply because they were way “cooler” than anything else on the  market. What most overlook though, is how iconic the marketing...

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3-Step Process For Boosting Your Traffic With Online Video

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I was introduced to Lewis Howes a few years ago when he was teaching how to use Linked-in before most people were even on it.  Through Lewis I was introduced to James Wedemore, a graduate from one of the top film schools, who is now crushing it by using video marketing techniques, specifically driving traffic to you website through YouTube video marketing. Watch this interview and discover how successful small business owners and marketing managers are using Youtube to increase traffic, leads and sales.  It is an eye...

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Amazon’s New Kindle Game Changer

Posted by on 2:23 am in Blog | 0 comments has announced two new Kindle e-readers in the 2-digit price range. This is really huge news in the fast growing E-reader market. The new $79 Kindle and $99 Kindle Touch are sure to ramp up the use of these kinds of devices as the sub-$100 price point will open the pages of these readers to a whole new market. Pricing does matter.  This will help Amazon eat up market share and create a whole new demand for these kinds of books.  As an author this is really good news! What do you think?  Do you have a Kindle or will this new price...

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Local Marketing: Does The 5 Mile Rule Apply To Your Business?

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Many geographically-based businesses get the majority of their clients from within 5 miles of their location.  While we know this is typically true for businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, and other convenience-based companies, many other types of businesses also fall within this rule and don’t realize it. When I do target market studies with companies it is quite often an eye-opener when they do a geographic sort of their past customers to see how many – often 80% or more, that come from within 5 miles of their...

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