How To Blog Without Writing A Blog Post

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I was intrigued when a friend of mine asked me about my thoughts on blogging, especially as it relates to authority sites – that is, sites that have high credibility and Google search ranking.  The truth is without high Google ranking you are not going to get much traffic. Ryan Deiss recently released a free report on a blogging concept that basically mirrors...

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What Is More Important – Authority Or Recommendation?

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Let’s face it – with the internet providing as much background information as you can possibly consume and most people spending hours of time researching you before they even talk to you, there is a new world order when it comes to your reputation online.  From my vantage point it seems that there are two distinct camps that marketers are focusing on...

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Marketing Questions You Should Always Ask

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I love riddles and the game “20 Questions” because they use the power of asking questions to solve a problem.  I was thinking about how much marketing your business or organization is similar to games like those. I wondered, as a consultant, could you solve a marketing problem or create a marketing plan based solely on asking questions? The question is,...

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Cheese And Whiskers Marketing

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Have you heard about the Cheese and Whiskers marketing approach? I first heard about it in a training called Instant Local Traffic which was just released by my Friends Laura Betterly and Ryan Deiss. The Cheese and Whiskers marketing method was actually coined by a marketer named Dean Jackson. It is quite simple, but also very powerful. In a nutshell here is how it...

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