Cheese And Whiskers Marketing

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Have you heard about the Cheese and Whiskers marketing approach?

I first heard about it in a training called Instant Local Traffic which was just released by my Friends Laura Betterly and Ryan Deiss.

The Cheese and Whiskers marketing method was actually coined by a marketer named Dean Jackson. It is quite simple, but also very powerful. In a nutshell here is how it works.

Your marketing (YOU) is either cheese or whiskers. Your customer is a mouse. He is either attracted to you and your marketing (if it is cheese-oriented) or he runs away from you at full speed if senses you have whiskers (as in you are a cat looking for a tasty meal – HIM the customer).

  Cheese and Whiskers


I recently reviewed the Instant Local Traffic program and they teach you in the training how to get customers to call you, instead of you cold-calling them using the Cheese and Whiskers Method. This is a very powerful method of getting new customers. This can also work on getting existing clients to buy more from you as well when you adapt the tactic to that situation.

Ask yourself these questions – Does your marketing approach provide cheese for the customer – a strong reason to call you. Or does your marketing approach make the potential client run away at high speeds because they think all you are after is their money?

Create a marketing approach that is cheesy – in a good way – cheesy enough to attract your customer the mouse!

Link to Instant Local Traffic Video

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