The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook

  A Complete System To Create A Marketing Plan


95% of all business don’t have a written marketing plan…That’s right – most businesses don’t have a written marketing plan.Whether it be not taking the time or not having the knowledge to put one together, most businesses just flounder by going from idea to idea without any cohesive strategy.  It is also difficult in smaller businesses because the owner of the business often wears many hats and has multiple responsibilities.  John Hunt has worked with hundreds of businesses just like that over the past 25 years and has developed a system to make the process easy and effective.  This tested and proven system is laid out step-by-step in the award-winning book, “The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook: How Anyone Can Learn To Be A Great Marketer.”  The book was recently updated and is now available in an immediate downloadable format along with some great bonuses.

DIYMHHarbackBOOK-400This system is easy to use

John Hunt takes the mystery out of creating a winning marketing plan.
Using easy-to-understand language and concepts, along with real world examples, practical advice, and simple exercises you will have a plan put together for your business very quickly.

  Here is some of what you will learn:

 -How to create your own unique position within your specific industry
– How to target the right customers
– How goal-setting can make or break your plan
– Tips on choosing the right media to get your message across
– How to identify which media works the best
– The correct way to set a marketing budget… and much more

 Book Reviewers and Business Owners Love This Book and System!

 Paul Tulenko, Syndicated Newspaper Columnist and Business Book Reviewer:

PAULT“This book belongs on your desk if you have anything to sell: whether you wish to market a product, a service, an idea, or yourself.  This book is a gem!  John goes through the traditional steps of marketing in a very relaxed manner.  I did not feel intimidated by big words or the usual “you will never understand this so call me” attitude many business writers employ.  I felt capable of doing this thing called “Marketing” with understanding and with the feeling that the results would make me money in the end.  There’s a blank marketing plan outline in the Appendix that I ripped out and pasted up on the wall as I went through the book.  It helped me focus.  This is a good book!


 Susan Morem, Newspaper Columnist and author of, “How To Gain The Professional Edge”

SUEMA big part of marketing is understanding the needs of customers.  Continuing contact with your customers – building relationships – is essential to maintaining their loyalty.  Another important step is developing a marketing plan.  Such plans don’t need to be complicated – start with a one-year plan and be flexible enough to change it if needed to accommodate changes in the marketplace.  John Hunt cautions you not to get caught up in the terms and buzzwords of marketing.


Mike Mraz, National Trade Show Speaker and Marketing Strategist.MMRAZ

John Hunt’s book is an essential read for all business owners.  John has a unique way of taking something that is seemingly complicated and making it easy to understand.  I have used his system to create my own marketing plan and love all the tips and tactics he reveals throughout the book to give the business owner a competitive edge.  In addition, his “Fifty Ideas You Can Use Today” was a real motivator for me to take action right away.  Buy this book – you won’t regret it.  Buy this book for your friends-they’ll thank you over and over again.

  This is a Total System for Creating a Winning Marketing Plan

You Will Have Everything You Need To Quickly and Easily Create A Marketing Plan.

This program is a step-by-step system that has been used by thousands of business owners.  Everything you need to complete a marketing plan from A to Z is included.  Each section of the plan has exercises you complete so nothing is left out.  And you can work it at your own pace.


Here is what comes with this incredible package ($47 Retail Price):

DIYMBoxThe Five Essential Business Tools You Need To Win

Having worked with many companies in a variety of business sectors, John lays out the five essential business tools that winning companies use to make their task of marketing easier.  Some of these are more obvious than others, but when combined together these five tools will give you a jump on your competition.

The Elements of a Winning Marketing Plan

This is the core of the system.  John takes you step-by-step through the building of a successful marketing plan.  Each step of the plan has exercises for you to complete that act as a checklist so you don’t miss anything.  Each section of the plan builds on the previous section so you will watch as your marketing plan unfolds in front of your own eyes.

Fifty Marketing Ideas and Tips You Can Use Today

These ideas and tips are provided to put fuel on your marketing fire.  They are things that you can implement right away to increase your sales.  Even if you implement just one or two of these ideas you will see your investment in this program come back to you many times over.  For some readers this is their favorite part of the book.

SampleplanA Sample Completed Marketing Plan 

Join Andy Peterson of ABC Computer Repair (a fictional company) as he works through the steps of the marketing plan process.  See how is plan looks when it is completed and ready to be implemented.  You final document will most likely be different, but you can learn as Andy considers his options each step of the way.



Internetmktg New Section on Internet Marketing (12 additional pages)

As part of the updated version of the book there is a whole new section on internet marketing.  This traces the roots of the development of the internet and presents a summary of specific internet-based marketing tactics.  ($37 Value)

 PLUS Get These Special Bonuses for FREE!

wordtemplatebasicversionMicrosoft Word Blank Template (Basic Version – $27 Value)

Order today and you will receive our Microsoft Word* Marketing Plan Template – the Basic Version – in Microsoft Word Format (.doc file).  This will allow you to enter your information directly into a Word document.  This is a $27 value and is yours free if your order today.  It will be available for immediate download after your purchase has been completed.

*Please Note: To use this bonus template you need to have a word processor like Microsoft Word, or a free word processor like Google Docs available on your computer. Works on Mac or PC.

howtowriteMP3 “How To Write A Marketing Plan Course” .MP3 Files ($47 Value)

From the How To Write A Marketing Plan classroom course, based on the “Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook.”  You can download these .mp3 audio files to your computer or .mp3 player and you can listen to the concepts taught in the system either right at your desk or while you are on the go.  These .MP3 files are available for immediate download

Total Value Of The Entire System If Purchased Individually Is Over $120!

Get Yours Today For Immediate Download

(There are no physical products mailed to you.  Everything is available for instant download)


More Feedback From Real People

edkaineEd Kaine, President of the American League of Functional Therapists

I don’t think there’s a lot of books that take you step by step through a difficult multifactored process as well. And I don’t think any of them are about Marketing. John has taken this subject apart and delivered it to the masses. There are no games, no cut-throat methods, or underhanded tricks. He takes your enthusiasm for the great idea you have and helps you direct it where it needs to go. The world is waiting to hear your idea, “The Do-it Yourself Marketing Handbook” can help you get it out there.

Carol Vanek, Owner of The Office Connection

John Hunt’s information was helpful in directing me to focus on my main revenue source and targeting that area for marketing.  He also reminded me that the customers I have are important and need to be nurtured.  In my “busyness” of just getting the work out, I’ve neglected that nurturing.  His suggestions on where and how to find new customers was very helpful.  I bought the book to help me develop a marketing plan, but now I see that it will be helpful in giving me direction in growing my business.

rodlidenbergRod Lidenberg, PGA Master Professional

The concepts in John’s system are rock-solid.  I’ve used of many of the ideas in the book for marketing my own business with great success.  Anyone can use this program and get results if they take the time to go through the exercises included in each section of the book.

Lori Nelson, Realtor Re/Max Real Estate Guide

I just finished my “1st of the year planning and idea day” – something I’ve taken a day for all 22 years of my real estate career.  Your book was a great help – I’ll use it every year.

Chris Dunrad, Owner of Support Services Network

John formalized the marketing plan process, where mine is relatively loose.  I now have the necessary information to prepare a better marketing strategy for next year.

neilsaltzmanNeil Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections

Going through the steps of the marketing plan process outlined in the book helped us put together a solid strategy to grow our business. John makes putting together a marketing plan easy and understandable.

Chuck Bothe,  Owner Emerald City Coaching

The Do-It-Yourself-Marketing Handbook” makes simple the complex task of marketing a business. While the book has proven a trustworthy guide to me, the author behind the book offers what so many others lack – he takes the time to understand each person, how they see their challenges and brings specific answers to what occurs to each person as impossible. As you read this book keep in mind the author gets what stops most of us and takes the time to let you know that he gets that it is stopping you too. He sees where you are stuck and then he shows you how to break-through!.


Money-Back Guarantee 

GuaranteeSignOrangeJohn Hunt’s promise to you:

“I have a very simple promise to make to you. If “The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook” is not everything you expected it to be, and if it doesn’t for any reason transform your business  and take you to a new level filled with opportunities, you can ask for a full and complete refund. ”

You’ve got 365 days – a whole year to think about it, from the date you purchase the system.  That should give you plenty of time to experience the effects of a new marketing strategy, and see improved business as a result of it.

Fair?   I hope you think so, because we’ve been told it’s more than fair.

If you honestly believe you’re not learning and growing as result of studying and implementing this material, you get your money back.   Simple as that.

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Anyone can learn to be a great marketer if they know the powerful and simple fundamentals of marketing used by the most successful companies in the world. With this package, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of building a winning marketing plan for your business. Order Now!  you will be on your way to success in just a few minutes.


 A Note From John:

I truly believe that if you follow the step-by-step instructions in this program you will take your business to the next level.  Let’s get started working together on your marketing plan today!


JohnHunt62John F. Hunt

Marketing Strategist and Author of “The Do-It Yourself Marketing Handbook”

P.S.  I know you can succeed at marketing your business because I have worked with many others just like you in the past.  They have used this system to help them and now you can too. Lets get started now…I’m ready to help you take your business to the next level!