Google Wallet Ad Features Seinfeld Actor

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This is a great ad featuring Jason Alexander as Seinfeld’s George Costanza (and his infamous overstuffed wallet), for Google Wallet, the new smart-phone payment system being slowly rolled out by Google.  After you’ve had a few laughs you can start to think what does this mean for me and my business?  Why is Google – the search giant – stepping into mobile payments?

This is part of a much bigger strategy by not only Google, but many other companies that are seeing the future of mobile computing, encompassing everything from mobile content, mobile websites, mobile payments, and more.

In many other countries, like the Phillipines, mobile payments are quickly replacing the use of credit cards.

What is your mobile strategy?  I have to admit we are evaluating ours regularly as we see more and more people accessing our content on smart-phones rather than the desktop.

What are you doing to approach the mobile computing tsunami that is coming?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. When I was in London on business, you always paid at your table using a mobile credit card reader. Made the USA seem primitive – take it to the front desk?

    It’s about time, I think.

    Jeff Ogden

    September 20, 2011

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