Learn How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

Maximizing Your Effectiveness using Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn

Join John Hunt, Author and Marketing Strategist in this ON-DEMAND REPLAY

Learn How To Implement Social Media Tools Correctly

In this webcast John talks about the strategic use of Social Media Tools.  It is important when using these tools that you do it in the correct way so you don’t alienate your target audience, but rather further solidify your relationships with existing customers and ultimately win new customers.  This program is designed for salespeople, business owners, and marketing managers.  

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You Will Learn:

– How to properly choose which tool to present what kind of information
– How to increase the number of people following you
– How to write and organize your profiles for maximum effectiveness
– What to say and What Not to say
– Search techniques to identify new potential customers
– The concept of “Discussion Mix” and how to properly balance it.
– 3rd party tools you can use to save time
-Setting up your overall “network” involving multiple social media tools and techniques
– Optimization tips to give you greater leverage using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

About Your Presenter:
John Hunt is an author and trainer in the area of strategic marketing.  His award-winning book, “The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook: How Anyone Can Learn to be a Great Marketer” has been used by countless business owners as the framework for creating their marketing plans.

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