Marketing Tools

Essentials for a Productive Marketing Organization

marketingtoolsEvery successful builder has a toolbox with the proper tools.We want you to succeed in your business and give you as many tools as possible to help you grow.  The following list of tools can help enhance and improve your marketing efforts.  Many of these tools require a fee or subscription, but you will find that they will easily pay for themselves over and over.


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DIYMHHarbackBOOK-400Marketing Book: 

The Do It Yourself Marketing Handbook: How Anyone Can Learn to be a Great Marketer



Other Resources:

www.TheBusinessCourse.comNot sure where to start?  Are you new to business?  The Business Course is an online course – 16 sessions – which you can take on-demand 24/7.  This course was originally designed as a high school curriculum to teach students how to start their own business, but we have had a number of adults who have signed up for the course as well.  Over 18 hours of teaching that you take at your own pace.  Taught by John Hunt from

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