How To Determine The ROI of Social Media DVD Course

Is it Worth Being Involved In Social Media?


Finally, A Way To Measure The Investment Of Your Time and Money In Social Media…


ROIecover400Now You Can KNOW If Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Sites Are Worth Investing In

The hardest part of spending hours and hours on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in is knowing whether or not your investment will produce a return..
You’ve heard plenty of success stories and these sites can be really SHINY!  But is it right for your business?

In this program John Hunt lays out everything you need to know about measuring the effectiveness of social media.  He provides strategies and tactics you can implement right away to bring you of the dark.

Be Armed With Information To Make Good Decisions…

There will be no guessing anymore.  Not only will you learn how to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of social media, but you’ll also learn how to apply these same principles to ALL of your marketing so you can optimize your marketing investments across the board.

This program will help you save hours of frustration by eliminating the guess-work of trying to measure and judge your marketing efforts both online and offline.


This Entire Course is available on DVD FOR JUST $25 (Originally $77)