Selling To Voicemail DVD Course

Connect With Your Next Best Customer For The Very First Time


Finally, A Way To Get Out Of The Voicemail Trap…


A New and Different Program On How To Reach New Customers Who Seem To Be Hiding Behind Their Voicemail

Let’s face it.  It is getting more and more difficult to reach decision-makers these days because everyone is so overwhelmed with responsibilities.The reality is, though, that connecting with prospects by the phone is one of the most effective and efficient ways to begin a sales dialogue with them, even if it is simply to set up your first meeting.

This program was created after working with many different organizations who had a similar issue – the sales person was constantly reaching the voicemail of the prospect.

Opportunities Were Getting Stuck…

There is nothing worse than telling your sales manager that you can’t reach the prospect because all you get is voicemail.  The sales manager gets equally frustrated because the sales opportunity is clogging up the pipeline.

This program will help you sell more to your best prospects by showing you how to reach them effectively on the front end of the sales process.

Presented by two veterans who represent both sides of the sales equation:

jhsquareJohn Hunt has managed large sales departments on both a national and local level.  He has also been on the “customer” side having managed businesses where sales people were trying to reach him every day.  He reveals what it is like to be relentlessly called on by sales people. 



mrazsquareMike Mraz is an internationally-known sales trainer who has spent nearly 30 years in the trenches selling to businesses large and small from Fortune 500 companies to independent entrepreneurs. Together they teach you this new and unique system that will make you stand out in your field, and more importantly, reach the decision makers you have been trying to connect with.





– 3 DVD’s

This Entire Training Package is available FOR JUST $154 plus s/h