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As we grow older in life we need to start thinking about how we are going to transfer our knowledge on to the next generation.

I am really excited about a side project I am working on to do just that. It is called, “The Business Course” and it is designed to teach home-schooled high school students how to start a business. The course goes from concept to completion and covers everything from how to choose a business, how to properly set it up, how to market it (of course), and more.

The interesting thing I noticed when I launched the concept for the course was that not only the students, but their parents also, wanted to get in on the action.  So I priced it on a per-family basis where the whole clan could participate if they wanted to for one price.

Owning a business is not without its challenges (I know because I own several), but the satisfaction you can get from it is incredible.  In these economic times more and more people will be starting businesses to help pay the bills that just keep on growing.

The course is being taught live from September 2011 – May of 2012, but participants can also take the course via replay if the live session time does not work for them.

While this course is designed for a high school level (and targeted to a Christian home school audience), the lesson that will be taught can be useful for anyone who wants to venture out on their own and start a business.

For more information visit: http://TheBusinessCourse.com



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