What Is More Important – Authority Or Recommendation?

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Let’s face it – with the internet providing as much background information as you can possibly consume and most people spending hours of time researching you before they even talk to you, there is a new world order when it comes to your reputation online. 

From my vantage point it seems that there are two distinct camps that marketers are focusing on when it comes to their “story” online. They are authority and recommendation.  If you follow Google closely and their ever changing algorithm that drives their search engine you probably are well aware that these two factors play a large roll in determining how you show up in search results.  And if the goal is ultimately to show up where your customers can find you then you need to pay attention to these things.

In one camp there is “Authority” which is how you are perceived by your customer (and Google for that matter) as an expert in your industry.  What makes you the go-to person in your industry, niche, or marketplace.  What are your credentials and how are they being communicated to your customers.

The other camp is “Recommendations” which is what others are saying about you and your business.  This could be anything from an active social media presence with lots of interaction and commenting, or something a little more formal like a ratings and reviews program.  In the social media world of today you don’t have a lot of input on what is being said here other than managing the content stream and responding when necessary.  Google has made it clear that these social signals have a lot of weight in its algorithm.

So the question for today is which is most important?  Authority or Recommendations.  I know you need to have elements of both, but I’d like to hear from you as to which one you think – for your business – is most important and how you are handling it within your marketing plan.

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